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Lacee Brewer
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"Home” can be two things. It can be physical-the building in which you live and something you dream of owning one day. But “home” can also be a feeling- something you feel when you’re with someone you trust, feel comfortable with, and who is on your side. These two definitions of home are what I have a passion for and what I pour my energy into creating with those I meet everyday. I’m known for my warm personality, trustworthiness and the ability to get things done. I have been in sales for nearly 10 years across different industries. I am currently a full-time pharmaceutical rep and love my job but after years of being interested in the local real estate market, I decided to turn my passion into reality. I knew I would serve the community well and had something to offer. Choose me as your real estate agent and you will get someone with passion and enthusiasm for real estate, someone dedicated to you and your needs, and someone that truly values your business and your trust. And in the process of finding your dream home, I will make sure you feel right at home along the way.

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